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Ludington State Park, Michigan

After driving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin around Lake Michigan in record time to get to Ludington State Park to shoot the sunset behind the Big Sable Lighthouse, I felt defeated as I was running down the beach and the sun was setting in the water beside me. Knowing I was not going to make it to the lighthouse before sundown, I just started shooting along the beach as I walked toward it. My focus went from the sunset to getting the waves crashing along the shoreline with Big Sable in the distance. It was completely dark before I reached the lighthouse and the almost two mile hike along a back path was made even harder by the fact that I did not have a flash light. I dropped and busted my brand new 17-40L lens just as I reached the parking lot where I had parked. This trip was the most difficult and extreme I have went to photograph a lighthouse and I don't know if I would go to this extent ever least without a flashlight... :)